Prevent spam on your site – the ultimate guide for spam protection

Revelations about captcha solving services, bots and how to really stop spam

prevent spam

Captchas, anti-spam questions, e-mail confirmation - do they really stop bots?

People usually don't know much about bots and their capabilities. Some believe that a bot can never register in their website if they have a math question "2+4" or a captcha image with text or just a simple question like "Are you a human?". In fact, these methods can stop only part of the bots. Well, at Devseon we are experienced automation experts and website creators and we decided to share some of our knowledge with you and then offer you some anti-bot techniques.


Have you heard about captcha solving services?

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The “Interflora” case – new penalties from Google for paid links and advertorials

What exactly happened with Interflora?

For those of you who haven't heard about it yet, Interflora is a popular UK online shop for flowers and bouquets. Not long time ago it was on top positions in Google for keywords and phrases like 'flowers', 'flower delivery' etc. At the end of February the site lost its positions not only for these keywords, but for its brand name too.

Google said that they won't comment on the case, and SEO community started guessing what may have caused the penalty.

In the meantime Matt Cutts from Google's Web Spam team tweeted this:

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Make your website do the Harlem Shake

Let's do the Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake

If you still haven't heard about the new viral hit in Youtube, which will probably become more popular than Gangnam Style, we will let you know some details and will show you how to make your website dance.

The concept of Harlem Shake is really simple. No complicated movements. No rules. No special choreography. The only condition is just to shake in the rhythm of the music.

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Woocommerce – add a new currency and conversion rate


WooCommerce is a great plugin for creation of e-stores. Despite its rich functionality you can encounter some problems related with currency. These problems and their solution are described below:

1. Currency of a country which isn't in the list. How to add it?

2. How the currency units can be changed (example: лв) according to the newly added currency?

3. How can we make WooCommerce allow Paypal, although our currency is not supported?

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