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Let's do the Harlem Shake

Harlem Shake

If you still haven't heard about the new viral hit in Youtube, which will probably become more popular than Gangnam Style, we will let you know some details and will show you how to make your website dance.

The concept of Harlem Shake is really simple. No complicated movements. No rules. No special choreography. The only condition is just to shake in the rhythm of the music.

But all videos have something in common. A man with a mask or costume is dancing at the beginning. The others around behave like nothing is happening, until the 16-17th seconds when everybody starts shaking and dancing. There are already thousands of versions in Youtube and you can watch the best ones in the next video:


Why Harlem Shake?

The dance is created in the 70s in Harlem - iconic area in New York. In 2001 the hip hop star G. Dep records Harlem Shake, singing "Let`s Get It". But the version that is used in the videos these days is made by DJ Baauer.  

Shake your website

After Harlem Shake went viral, some people create the website hsmaker.com where you can make your website shake in the rhythm of the popular song.The only thing that you have to do is to fill the address of your website and hit "Shake It".

Here's how it looks:

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