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Automation scripts

Automation of actions in Windows and in the internet

automation Undoubtedly there are repeating actions which you have to do when you work in Windows or when you are in the internet. If you wish these actions to be completed automatically and to take far less of your time, you can take advantage of the service we offer you. Numerous big and famous companies use the so called bots. For example Google bots known also as spiders and crawlers which automatically view and index web pages in the internet and include them in the search engine. If your job requires actions of similar nature with something common among them, we can create a special script for you that can automate these actions. What we offer you is great power and freedom. Such program can save you hours of labor and reduce to zero the possibility of mistakes.

Automation of actions in Microsoft Excel

Although modern ERP systems exist you can still see many people using Microsoft Excel in their work. With the help of the inbuilt functionality of the program language VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) special macros can be created that can perform multiple repearing actions completely automatically. This will help you save precious time, it will reduce the risk of mistakes and will increase the effectiveness and productivity of your work. Here are some actions which can be automated:
  • filling the same data in different tables and files;
  • extracting data from different tables;
  • generation of inquiries, charts and diagrams;
  • execution of complex and time consuming operations;
If you aren't sure whether what you do can be automated, don't hesitate to contact us on our phone +359 897 858176 or by the contact form. We will give answers to your questions and will realize your ideas.

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