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Online reputation management

управление на репутация онлайнAccording to a Microsoft research nearly 85% of all people search information on the internet before purchasing a product or using a service. That's why your good reputation online and the reputation of your business are crucial for your final success. According to another research most people will rather share negative thoughts and complains more than positive ones. It will most likely be unpleasant for you, if by searching the internet by your name or the name of your company people find negative opinions and comments. In such situation people usually hesitate whether to turn to you and will most likely search for alternative. With our service for online reputation management, we from Devseon will take care this doesn't happen. Our team of professionals will create you an excellent image online in a way that looks absolutely natural and truthful without your clients knowing that you have used such services.
Our service for online reputation management includes:
  • research of the currect condition of your online reputation and the reputation of your company, products, etc.
  • developing a strategy for improvement (for already existing reputation) or building up online reputation (for starting companies or lack of information on the net);
  • realisation of the strategy by making different campaigns on the internet;
  • negative reputation removal (if such exists);
  • keeping a good online reputation and tracking new negative opinions, articles and their removal. Continious actions for improvement of your image and the image of your business;
Get yourself a good reputation online right now by contacting us for more information, questions and prices on our phone +359884 629 534 or via the form for inquiries.

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