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PPC advertising

интернет рекламаLarge part of the traffic to any website comes from the search engines. In order to get such traffic, however, your site needs to take a leading position by searched keywords and phrases. It takes time for the results of the search engine optimization to appear, so during this period you can compensate the lack of visits by PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising. PPC advertising can provide you quality and targeted traffic which means more clients, income and more places where your website will be shown. Main advantage of the internet advertising is that you can check its efficiency any time and take the necessary measures to improve the results. Unlike the traditional visual and text medias where there is no way to know the real number of people who watched your commercial, in the internet you can know how many users have seen your message, how many of them have visited your website and other useful metrics which can help you reach maximum number of users of your targeted auditory after careful analysis. This is the exact reason why the internet advertising is preffered tool for small and big companies.
Internet advertisement can take the following forms:
  • banner advertising;
  • contextual ads;
  • Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, etc.;
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