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SEO optimization

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization represents group of actions which are made in order to popularize a website and place it on the top positions in search engines for chosen keywords and phrases.

Why is SEO necessary?

seoThe optimization of your website is important for its visibility in the search engines and makes it easier for users to find it. Let us suggest that you have a website for selling shoes and you wish first position for the keyword "shoes". Without optimization this cannot happen. It doesn't matter how high-grade products or services you offer, they will remain unnoticed if your website is on third, fifth or tenth page of results in the search engines. The solely existence of your website doesn't guarantee you that it will be visited and there will be any use of it. The optimized website, however, can lead to increase of your clients, increase of your sales online and getting a targeted traffic.

Why should I use professional SEO services?

seo optimization

Many people believe that they can manage their website's optimization on their own. The wrong actions, however, can have negative impact and irreversable consequences. The usage of disallowed and unethical techniques is probably going to lead to punishment (lower place in the search results) or de-indexation (complete removal of your website from the search engine). During the year 2012 the search engine Google released several updates of their algorithm known as Panda and Penguin. They had impact on several hundred thousand websites. Many of those who had leading positions were dropped out of top 100. This is why you need to trust SEO specialists who are familiar with the good practises and can optimize your website in a way that can withstand every change in the algorithms of the search engines.

SEO services by Devseon

In Devseon we have proven seo specialists who have worked on the optimization of numerous websites with different topics, languages and competition. Our team is always keeping pace with new technologies, we visit courses, seminars, we follow every change in the algorithms in order to provide you the best and the most effective service. The techniques that our experts use are consistent with the recommendations of the search engines and can't harm your website. Here are the seo services, which you can take advantage of:

Website audit

The audit includes:
  • analysis of the website's code - structure, internal links, validation;
  • research about the current position of the website by keywords and phrases in the search engines;
  • analysis of the visits;
  • analysis of previously used methods for SEO and their efficiency (in case services of other companies had been used);
  • backlink analysis;
  • analysis of competitors by keywords and phrases;
  • creation of report which includes the data from the research and analysis;
  • recommendations for improvements and planning of optimization strategy;

Onsite optimization

  • selection of keywords and phrases consistent with the topic of the website and the number of searches of the given keyword/phrase.
  • code analysis, design, title and meta tags, recommendations for improvements;
  • text creation and optimization;
  • optimization of the website's structure;

Link Building

Providing quality and relevenat links leading to your website by:
  • publishing articles, blog posts, press release messages;
  • manual registration in specialized directories and online catalogues;
  • registration in social networks and social bookmarking sites;
  • comments in related forums, blogs and etc;
The regular providing of links leading to your website is strongly recommended even after your website is on a leading position for the chosen keywords and phrases. This way you will confirm your positions and you will protect your website from falling because of backling shortage.

Local search optimization

local seo

More and more people search for information about products and mostly about services near their living place. For example "florist Manchester" or "fishing shop New York". Google provides an opportunity to register your business in Google Places for Business. This way the information for your business will be visualized on Google maps. The top results for local search in Google provide additional information like map location, exact address, phone, prices and etc. By using different techniques we can make sure that your business will get to the top of the local search results. This way the users will get additional information even before entering your website and the possibility for them to use your services or buy your products increases significantly. For greater effectivity and traffic from various sources, you can use not only our SEO services but also our paid PPC advertising, social media marketing and online reputation management.
The services described above can be ordered separately or in a package. If you order a website from us, you will receive a discount for our SEO service.
For more information, questions and prices, please contact our SEO department by calling +359884 629 534 or use the contact form for inquiries:

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