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Web development

web developmentThe creation of a website is a task we are completely falimiar with and we are always ready to do for you. No matter if it is a simple webpage or a large web system with complex structure, Devseon is the company you can always rely on. We offer rich functionality and modern design which can be changed according to the taste of our clients (we also accept images with required website looks). With the help of our SEO specialists your website will have the opportunity to be easily found in the internet seach engines like Google, by keywords and phrases pointed out by you. More popularity in the internet leads to more visitors and potential clients, and this leads to bigger number of online sales.

Why do you need a website?

The decision to have your own place in the huge internet world can be easily taken. The main reason can be the wish for more popularity. The ownership of a website offers you an unique way to present your business, profession, views, aims and everything you wish. More and more often, people use internet to find what they are searching for. Old ways like newspaper advertisement or friend recommendation are totally not enough in case you really wish people to find out about you. The virtual world widens constantly and there is no reason for you to stay behind. In the past wars were fought for fame and wealth but now all you need is one nicely done website which will help you to build up your online reputation.

Why Devseon?

  • short terms for completion;
  • full coverage of your requirements;
  • web development and design at professional level;
  • wide spectrum of techologies;
  • affordable prices;
  • pre-paying only 10% of the arranged payment;
Nowadays many companies rely only on pre-made templates and CMS systems to create websites. They are fast for simple projects but are devoid of flexibility when dealing with more complex web systems. Here in Devseon we are quite familiar with the methods mentioned above, but we also wield large spectrum of technologies of which we can choose the best combination to satisfy your needs. Your website will be built in short terms and it will have perfect functionality, good speed and modern design.

We use:

  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • Morfik
web design What else can be desired, except for affordable price which we are also offering. An architect can be given a project for house on one floor and a project for a skyscraper. Here the situation is similar - the variations are many and our prices are negotiable. We differ from companies that take the whole sum or big percentage of it before the website is completed. We require only 10% of the price which we are going to arrange to be pre-paid. There is no doubt that you will find our offers completely acceptable.
All you need to do is contact us by the form below or on our phone - +359 897 858176. We are looking forward to hear from you!

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